Local Search

Visibility in the marketplace is vital to any business. Decades ago, a business HAD to be in the Yellow Pages to be competitive. Times are changing and tangible directories such as the Yellow Pages are being replaced by not one, but hundreds of online directories


Making sure your business has online visibility in these directories takes time and effort and our Local Search service ensures that your business has the widest digital footprint while making sure the content is available to demographics most inclined to invest in your product. 

We also dedicate our time and resources to manually submitting up-to-date content and accurate NAP data to all directories on a regular basis. Checking to make sure your information is consistent and correct across all directories, websites and databases is tedious and time-consuming, but also extremely important, which is why our staff at Modern Media Geeks is here to do it for you. Since your time is valuable, you will have constant access to our Progress Report which offers ongoing monthly reporting, peace of mind and solid proof that your NAP and local SEO data is being managed, updated and advertised constantly. 


We know how to maximize your online presence and visibility so that you can reach consumers in and outside of your area.  Our understanding of and dedication to Local Search optimization will be a great asset to your internet visibility & we look forward to helping your business grow.

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