Brand Awareness Through Social Media

July 11, 2017

When it comes to raising awareness for your brand, the first thing to consider is how you see yourself and how you define your brand. Perception is reality according to Jon Dewar of Modern Media Geeks in Kingsland, Ga.

You've Got Mail!

June 01, 2017

Every business has a different approach to retaining customers. Retailers and experts discuss the upsides -and downsides-to using email for customer retention.

Rebel Monarchy - Kingpin Car Audio

April 01, 2017

Jason Kranitz has built a fierce reputation as one of the best retailers in the business. He did it by being true to himself and his unyielding quest for greatness.

Praise from Ocala Car Audio in Mobile Electronics Magazine

March 01, 2017

We hired 1Sixty8 Media and Modern Media Geeks, that has helped a lot with our online marketing. 

Window Tint School Announces Scholarships

February 08, 2017

The Window Tint School, working with key vendors, has created a scholarship program to reduce the cost of attending Window Tint School classes. Jon Dewar stated, “We have received several inquiries regarding scholarships recently. We have been listening, as have our vendor partners, and are happy to announce we have 10 scholarships to offer to new students.”

Car Stereo Promo For Military/First Responders

August 17, 2016

1Sixty8 Media, the company that helps 12 volt dealers create and maintain web sites, announced a promotion for retailers to help military and first responders. In return, 1sixty8 media will produce and publish all of the web-based content needed to support the event and Modern Media Geeks will provide plenty of social media exposure for the program.

Store Traffic Builder For 12V Specialists

July 25, 2016

About 60 percent of car stereo specialists host web sites that are so out of date, they should be taken down, said Don Lester of Internet Fellas, which helps 12 volt retailers with web site creation and search engine optimization.

Window Tint School Graduates

July 16, 2016

On Saturday, July 16, these students received their graduation certificates in Jacksonville FL. Jon Dewar (R) and Window Tint School staff Darren and DJ flank class members-Owen from GA, John from RI, Kenny from MD, Calvin from GA and Sonny from IN.

An Amazing Car Audio Showroom

July 08, 2016

The shop also relies heavily on social media marketing, especially Facebook. It employs Modern Media Geeks and 1Sixty8 Media for search engine and social media help and web site management.  The shop has 15,000 Facebook fans and spends time talking to customers and answering questions over Facebook.

Happy Birthday Messaage From 12 Volt News

June 23, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friends celebrating their special days this week- including Greg Cobbs, Andy Wehmeyer, Steve Turrisi, Gary Turner, Jeff Meece, Scott Nelson and Jon Dewar. A mega rockin' Happy Birthday from the 12volt Central Studios and

Window Tint School Opens In Jacksonville, FL

May 17, 2016

The Window Tint School opened in Jacksonville, FL, on Monday, May 16. Jon Dewar and Darren Fettik are proud parents of all new state-of-art facility – Window Tint School! Window Tint School was designed from inception to help specialty retailers maximize revenue opportunities in the highly-profitable automotive window and flat glass film categories

Window Tint School is Open!

May 16, 2016

OPEN!! The Window Tint School in Jacksonville FL opened on Monday morning, May 16th. Students in the first 3-Day Boot Camp traveled from IN, GA and PA to attend. Students from FL too.

Jon Dewar made a stop at Audio Logic in Hollywood, FL

May 03, 2016

Jon Dewar made a stop at Audio Logic in Hollywood FL on Tuesday, May 3rd. Mike Dixon (L), Audio Logic owner, is one of the hardest working guys in 12volt and crushes it in the marine Capitol of the world. Modern Media Geeks' Dewar is on a road trip in Florida.

Jon Dewar stopped in to see old friend Alan Roath at Cartronics

May 02, 2016

Jon Dewar (L) stopped in to see old friend Alan Roath at Cartronics on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami on Monday, May 2nd, during a Modern Media Geeks Florida swing.

Jon Dewar and Mitch Schaffer meet in the Poconos

April 25, 2016

on Dewar (L) and Mitch Schaffer pictured in the Poconos on Monday, April 25th. Dewar's Modern Media Geeks and Schaffer's 1sixty8 Media collaborate on projects.

Modern Media Geeks Holds Meetings In New York

April 25, 2016

Jon Dewar is on the road visiting dealers in the Northeast. A stop on Monday, April 25th, included Depot Auto Sound in White Plains NY. Dewar, lower left, spent time with owner Harry Lichtman. They spent time talking biz, promos and traded BBQ recipes.

Modern Media Geeks Tours New England

April 27, 2016

Jon Dewar (L) is on the road in the Northeast and made a stop to see Mike Astin at Extreme Audio and Video in Hyannis MA.

Modern Media Geeks Visits the Northeast

April 23, 2016

Jon Dewar is on the road in the Northeast with the top down on a Mustang convertible. A stop at Sound FX in East Providence RI was on the schedule for Saturday, April 23rd, which included an image with Sound FX store manager Nick Lyons. 

Window Tint School Coming Soon to Jacksonville

April 07, 2016

Jon Dewar and Darren Fettik are proud to announce an all new state-of-art facility – Window Tint School! Window Tint School has been designed from inception to help specialty retailers maximize revenue opportunities in the highly-profitable automotive window and flat glass film categories.


April 04, 2016

Jon Dewar and Darren Fettik have announced an all new state-of-art facility: Window Tint School. The school has been designed from inception to help specialty retailers maximize revenue opportunities in the highly-profitable automotive window and flat glass film categories.

Car Audio Guys Open Window Tint School

April 04, 2016

One of the first independent national window tint schools (that is not a retail operation) is opening to help car audio and other dealers expand into window film and train their technicians.

12V Dealer’s Success Story In Marketing

February 25, 2016

You may remember the old school car audio dealer, with the cluttered shop that took our CEoutlook Challenge back in September.

Ya'll know that little company Google???

February 23, 2016

Ya'll know that little company Google, yeah, thought you may have, they just TWEETED ABOUT US! 😍

If you own a business, you owe it to yourself to learn why the largest search engine in the world, gave us a shout out. Contact Modern Media Geeks and speak with Jon or Whitney Dewar today!

Successful 12V Retailers Need Help Too

December 02, 2015

Audio Logic owner Mike Dixon runs a $1.4 million car audio and marine shop in Hollywood, FL. He’s a member of the MESA Mobile Electronics Specialists of America buying group and his business is doing fine.

This 12 Volt Shop Needs Foot Traffic

November 24, 2015

Audioworks is a small shop in Milford, CT that has been in business for 19 years.  It shares space with a musical instrument store and it’s located in a semi-industrial building complex and foot traffic is low.. about 3 to 5 walk-ins a day.

When There’s 20 Car Stereo Shops Nearby

September 01, 2015

Auto Sound Specialists has more competition than most car audio specialists.  It’s located in Union City, CA near San Francisco where there is a car audio shop on each side of the street for miles.

The Old School Car Stereo Dealer

September 11, 2015

Walk into Depot Auto Sound, White Plains, NY and you are in the year 2000.  The store is cluttered, there are boxes scattered on the floor, the lighting is low but the walls are jam packed with some of the best brands in car audio.

Coats For Kids Program with Modern Media Geeks and 1Sixty8 Media

September 03, 2015

Coats For Kids Program set to be national event. 1sixty8 media will also be making this program available at no charge to clients of their strategic partner, Modern Media Geeks.

Modern Media Geeks and 1sixty8 media Form Strategic Alliance

July 31, 2015

Mitch Schaffer of 1sixty8 media and Jon Dewar of Modern Media Geeks have formed a strategic alliance to improve the online marketing efforts of mobile enhancement retailers. The two companies will remain independent, but they will work together to better serve their existing and future clients.

Two 12V Guys Form Retail Marketing Alliance

July 28, 2015

Award winning 12 volt retailer Mitch Schaffer and 12 volt Rep Jon Dewar have formed an alliance to offer car stereo dealers a one-stop digital marketing shop.

6 Brave Car Audio Retailers Take The Plunge

July 16, 2015

Six car audio retailers have accepted the CEoutlook Challenge to put their digital online presence on STEROIDS.

We Simplified The CEoutlook Dealer Challenge

June 23, 2015

There were some questions about our CEoutlook Challenge. So we simplified the challenge and encourage you to join up!!!

At least 5 Dealers WILL RECEIVE A 2 DAY DIGITAL MAKEOVER ON THE WEB. But you only pay for one day, and that’s it.