Marketing + Consulting

At Modern Media Geeks, we take a unique and effective approach to advertising. Most firms will look at creating advertising campaigns as a profit-getter. We offer advertising campaigns as a service. Instead of taking the construction of advertising entirely into our own hands and charging for it directly, we have a network of people—a team at Google, a team at Modern Media Geeks and the clients themselves who, together, can create the most effective ad campaign possible. 


Two of the primary forms of online marketing we utilize are boosted posts, which get the content directly in front of the eyes of demographics most likely to be in interested in your product, and sponsored posts, which are more like billboards that create an influx of new eyes and ears that can share your website or social media page with friends and family, all potential new customers. 


We work directly with hundreds of clients from all over the US and Canada providing consulting work, negotiating with vendors, and taking on the role of operations manager so that owners, managers, and staff can focus on the business itself. We utilize rigorous research and analysis, qualified team members, critical thinking and vital resources to provide solutions to your most challenging sales and marketing questions. 


Our network of professional leaders and consultants will bring scientific and time-tested solutions to the art of demand generation.

Accredited Google Partner Specializing in Internet Marketing / Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Local Search, Online Directory Submission, Web Design, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media

 Marketing for both clients here in St Marys, Ga as well as small business all around the country, including Canada!