Organic SEO

Capitalizing on organic SEO is one of the most important elements of marketing for any size company. The high ranked your business is on a search results page, the heavier traffic will be to your website which translates directly into more sales and growth in your client base. 


Some companies try a scatter-shot approach to achieving this goal, but as smaller directories buy, sell, and transmit your NAP data the chances of it getting jumbled or lost in translation grows and grows. The automated systems handling the importing and exporting of YOUR data don’t know anything about your business, they are simply collecting it to help their directory grow without the painstaking attention to detail we offer at Modern Media Geeks. This is why we verify your information across the Internet and manually submit to directories twice a day on your business behalf. 


Not only does this generate better results than automated, scattershot software submission processes, it also lets us optimize every aspect of your business presence in the process. Organic SEO is important for any business in any medium which is why we optimize your photos, videos, business listings and much more. Every piece of content related to your business can be improved for higher search engine rankings and more traffic to your website. 


This is why we put in the time twice daily to manually ensure your content is getting the best online visibility and organic optimization available.

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