It’s A Mobile Search World

Not only is it crucial for businesses to have mobile friendly websites and product views it is simply expected. What business owners need to acknowledge is that individuals who use mobile devices for researching, converted into actual sales at a significantly higher percentage than desktop users. Mobile phone use changes how individuals shop, buy and compare business products and services. Mobile phones are convenient and people have them within reach just about twenty four hours a day. Any time they want more information on a product, need directions or want to buy something, all they need to do is swipe their screens. Instantly they can find whatever they are looking for within seconds. If your website does not load fast enough, does not fit on the screen properly or is too difficult to navigate using a mobile phone; that is one customer you just lost. That can convert to hundreds of thousands of dollars of profits lost. Is your business ahead of the mobile game or losing out?

Why Your Business Needs To Be Mobile Friendly:

1.) If you want more individuals to find you through local searches your company needs to be mobile friendly. Very few people will do local searches from their desktops, instead they will more often do it spontaneously from their mobile phones. If your business is not mobile friendly, searchers are going to walk to the first closest business that comes up on their mobile search. Even if they are standing right outside your business searching for the exact products or services you provide, if you business is not mobile friendly you just missed out of that customer. If you want more conversion from your local SEO you need to be mobile friendly.

2.) Google puts more emphasis on mobile friendliness and responsiveness in its rankings. Businesses that have seamless mobile friendly webpages will get boosted up on Google’s search results over businesses that do not have fully functioning mobile websites. This is one way you can greatly increase your chances of ranking higher and be found more easily through Google search results.

3.) Social media, which should be a significant part of your marketing plan, is accessed almost strictly from mobile devices. Over 90% of social media users will log onto their accounts via their mobile phones, and frequently throughout the day. Your business’s social media strategies that link users back to your business website or landing page needs to be mobile friendly or it is just a waste of time and money.

4.) Mobile phone users also convert more often. Businesses have shown at least a 10% increase in sales when they transitioned to being more mobile friendly. If you also take into consideration that the buying process will begin with the product research consumers conduct on their phones, being mobile friendly can play an even more significant part in making sales.

Modern Media Geeks understands the transition from being a simple desktop centered business to a mobile friendly business. Being able to easily transition your online presence so your business can be found and viewed from any type of device and fit any screen size will have an impact on your company's growth. Modern Media Geeks can provide you with the necessary services to not only be a mobile friendly business, but thrive in it!

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