Google 'Tweets' A Shout Out To The Modern Media Geeks Team!

You may have heard of that little company Google. . .

Yeah, we figured you had . . . . . . Well on February 23, 2016 at 8:57AM, Jon Dewar, founder of Modern Media Geeks, noticed a Notification on his Twitter account.

It was a game changer. One that provided us credibility that could not be bought.

At that very moment, we all learned that the notification was a tweet that was sent directly from Google Adwords (@adwords)! It was a live tweet, saying: "Rock on, Modern Media Geeks team!" 😍

We are proud to be an Accredited Google Partner and value our relationship greatly. Thanks to the entore Google crew, our team appreciates the shout out!

If you own a business, you really owe it to yourself to learn why the largest search engine in the world, gave us a shout out. Contact Modern Media Geeks and speak with Jon or Whitney Dewar today!

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