4 Trends In Online Marketing That Are Creating A Buzz

Here at Modern Media Geeks, we belive, the only constant is change. In fact, with every year there are a host of sweeping changes that are adopted by businesses which later become defined trends in the market. Another year has begun, and the online marketing industry, despite being quite volatile in nature seems to be gearing up for a few positive changes. Now who doesn’t want to look at these changes if they promise to promote or advertise their brands, services and products better? Intrigued? Let’s check some of the upcoming trends in online marketing which has already started to create a buzz.

It will be a ‘mobile’ world

Yes, it will be a mobile world both literally and metaphorically. The mobiles will completely overpower the desktops and even the laptops. Google has predicted the importance of the mobile; hence the release of ‘Mobilegeddon’ algorithm to avoid sites that are not really optimized for mobiles. According to Google, they will accept any mobile-only site, even if they do not have any desktop equivalent. It is evident from Google’s move that they are predicting that in the coming years, smartphone users will double, and desktop users are gradually going to fade away. And if you want your money to be in good place, you need to rely on mobile-based online marketing.

Emerging trends in optimization strategies

The older strategies in online marketing have heavily relied on search engine optimization techniques and pay-per-click advertising. Things are changing fast and for the better. Digital assistants like Cortana and Siri can easily answer many of the questions that the customers might have. Instead of looking at the web for information, more businesses will depend on virtual assistants to look for answers. There will be a fresh perspective to online marketing.

The rise of interactive content

The scope of content has changed over the years. So has the style. Web users are looking for new ways to engage with content in a more personalized manner. It is the uniqueness of the experience that is attracting users to different types of content. Interactive content will be used in new forms like a 360-degree video, interesting advertisements, and virtual reality. Videos will dominate the content space, so that users have to do less with words and more with the visuals. It has been proven that videos are more appealing to audience when it comes to the introduction to a new product or service. More businesses will rely on the strength of the visuals to attract potential customers.

The combination of design and experience

In order to stay at the top of the competitive landscape, businesses should have a good understanding of the need and demands of the customers. But more than this, they should anticipate the needs of the consumers. This kind of experience helps them to represent their brand better. Plus when it comes to showcasing their services and products, they will also know the flow of the trend.

The fundamentals of marketing remain the same; but marketers need to understand the consumer patterns, and acquire new skills to connect with their target audience. Not everything will work for individual businesses. One needs to understand the trends, follow the patterns and then customize it as per the needs of the consumers. That is where our team here at Modern Media Geeks comes in and provides its expertise. Contact Jon Dewar or Whitney Dewar @ 904-717-0000.

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