Mobile Friendly Sites - The Newer Way to Search Things on the Web

You have to agree to the fact that mobile is simply changing the world. Smartphones are really ‘outsmarting’ the desktops, and are more agreeable to consumers who are looking for information even when they are mobile. Your online presence can be affected if you do not have a mobile-friendly site. It is time to make your site mobile-friendly in order to reach maximum potential customers. The desktop version can be a little difficult to view on a mobile device, compared to a mobile-friendly version which is easily readable. So, what are you thinking? It is time to bring in the ‘mobile’ aspect to your site. But what are the three most important things that you should know before you design a site for a mobile?

The site should be easy to use

It is good to remember that the visitors want a complete experience when they are visiting your site. If they are looking for a good blog, they should find it effortlessly; if they want to check reviews that should be made available to them without any hassle. The idea is to provide the customers with an easy experience. The sites should be designed in such a manner so that the visitors are able to complete the tasks. Make an effort to streamline the process and decrease the number of interactions. If you want, you can also outline the potential steps to make it easy for the visitors to complete any transaction or search.

Selecting the theme or template that complements all devices

You may have heard about a responsive web design, but if you are still unclear about it, let us talk about it in details. Responsive web design is quite flexible in nature as the display ‘responds’ to the screen size and adjusts accordingly. In other words, the design is flexible for desktop, laptop and tablets. The good thing about a responsive design is that you just need one version of the site. It has been noticed that a responsive site is more likely to get more views per page and resultantly greater conversions.

Benefits to local business

If you have a local business, most consumers search for them in smartphones. In fact if you consider the ratio or percentage of people who have searched it in mobiles as compared to desktops, you will find that the number is quite higher for mobile users. Many local businesses might feel that word-of-mouth publicity is the best way for the growth of any business. But your customers are becoming enlightened and you should start being aware about their changing mobile behaviour. Things like finding directions to the neighbourhood store or restaurant, or locating the store address, or knowing about the business hours are searched frequently in smartphones. Being online is not enough; your presence should be impactful enough to catch the attention of the potential customers. Modern Media Geeks ensures that you have the best possible tools and techniques to make your presence noticed!

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