Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer just a place to reconnect with high school friends or distant relatives. It has become a trusted platform where a number of customers are turning to gather more information on a number of businesses. You can reach a much wider market, build a stronger relationship with your customers and can set yourself apart from your competitors. For small businesses this is the best way to raise awareness and ultimately achieve more sales, all with a simple and effective social media marketing strategy.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing?

1.) Social media marketing is cost effective. Most of the marketing you can do through social media platforms will cost you no money. You can use your social media accounts to let fans and users know about promotion, new products or services that can be easily shared globally. Just a simple update that takes minutes to posts and you can get your business noticed by thousands of potential customers. Ad a strong "Sponsored & Boosted Ad" strategy and your audience becomes significantly larger.

2.) Having your content shared and liked over social media platforms increases your search engine rankings. First tier directories like Google and Bing take into consideration how active a business is on the top social media platforms, and this helps them decide who gets listed further up in the results list organically.

3.) Improved customer service is also a highly sought after benefit of social media marketing. You open up a new way for customers to connect with your business in regards to concerns, questions and even disputes. You can instantly resolve and make a customer happy by quickly responding to a social media post they leave or message they send. When a business can provide excellent customer service that is fast and responsive, customers will be more likely to recommend your business to others.

4.) Social media marketing allows you to strengthen your brand and become a recognized business. Consumers, currently, are more likely to choose a company that they can relate to; that they can trust. Through social media you build these types of relationships with consumers and you make your business more approachable. When you set up your business on social media the interactions are more human and less corporate.

5.) More and more buyers and shoppers are relying on social media to validate a business. People are beginning to turn to certain social media sites first to find out more about a business or products. Having your business established on social media platforms allows these customers to instantly learn more about your business. These searches tend to convert at a high percentage as well.

It seems simple enough, make a few posts and updates on social media and poof, you should be able to instantly build your online presence. Unfortunately, it takes more planning and strategic work than just updates. The Modern Media Geeks team specializes in social media marketing plans that will help you not only establish your business on social media, but will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to continue to build a successful online presence.

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