Does Small Local Business Need To Be Online?

You might think your business doesn’t have to be on the internet. “It’s a small business,” you say, and “It’s local. We can’t do any business out of town let alone out of state or across the world.” Maybe you’re even right.

But you’re wrong about being on the internet. Here’s why:

1. Your customers are on the internet. Even if you run a sandwich shop and aren’t going to be shipping lunch around the world, or an auto repair shop with a local reputation, you need to be on the internet because that’s where your customers are going to be looking for you. It’s the 21st century, when someone is new in town, and they’re looking for the kind of services they can only find locally, they’re going to do it on the internet.

2. You’re already on the internet. Even if you don’t have a presence on the internet, your business does. There are innumerable third party review sites where people are already posting about their experiences with your business. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the mass of satisfied customers doesn’t usually comment, but the small minority of dissatisfied customers? They make noise. If you’re not out there promoting and protecting your brand name, you’re at the mercy of disgruntled reviewers.

3. You can expand your customer base. This works in two ways. First, there are always locals who haven’t heard of you despite your efforts. When they need your services—and they will—they’re going to look on the internet, just like someone new to town. More importantly, your business might not necessarily be as local as you think. Sure, you can’t deliver a sandwich three states over, but if you make special breads, sauces, or condiments, you can ship them worldwide. And sure, nobody is going to cross three states to bring their car in for an oil change, but you can help people work on their own cars. You could make some videos about simple car repairs—tire changes, oil changes and so forth—and deliver them for free while making other tutorials on more complicated repairs that you charge for. The beauty of these products is that once you make them, they sit out on the internet connecting with customers—and bringing in revenue—forever.

4. This is related to the first point, but your customers are on the internet. They live there, they work there. They play there. I’m talking about social media. When done poorly, social media marketing is nothing but an annoying waste of time, but when done well, it makes your business a more important part of their lives, and that’s where you want to be. You don’t want them to just consider using your business, you want them to not consider going anywhere else. You want them to trust you with their free time, and you do that by being social.

The basics of being on the internet aren’t hard, but the basics are roughly the equivalent of making sure your name is spelled correctly on directories online and in order to really impact your bottom line, you’re going to want more than the basics. At Modern Media Geeks, that’s what we do. We’re experts at all the things you do not want to deal with, from Local Search Engine Directory, Pay Per Click Advertising (we’re an Accredited Google Partner), Search Engine Management (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design and more. All of us here at Modern Media Geeks, takes great pride in our work and have a long and strong Online Marketing and Branding background. Contact us with any and all questions, we are here to help.

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