Does Your Website Need an SSL Certificate? Why?

Does Your Website Need an SSL Certificate? Why?

If you're not a tech geek like us, you might be wondering what an SSL certificate is and why it's so important. You might have heard that e-commerce stores need this certificate in order to accept payments, and that sites that don't feature SSL certification will be hidden by search engines.

Both of these things are true. If you plan on accepting money through your website, an SSL certificate is a must-have and most payment processors won't talk to you until you demonstrate that you have it. Even non-technical users are looking for that little green lock that shows their private data is safe.

Search engines recognize that a website with a properly configured SSL certificate that only accepts incoming connections over HTTPS offers greater value to the general user than an unprotected site. For this reason, sites with valid SSL certificates rank better in search engine results than those who lack this protection.

For this reason, most web professionals insist you obtain an SSL certificate for your website even if you don't deal with users' personal data. The optimization and security benefits are simply worth the small degree of extra work required.

The SSL Certificate Explained: What Is it?

SSL certificates exist to offer Internet users a high degree of trust in the websites they access. This is especially important for websites that process personal information—users want to be sure they are dealing with the actual site they think they are accessing. The SSL certificate verifies this. It also verifies that the data on the site cannot be accessed by some third party.

Think of the SSL certificate as a guarantee that the website being accessed is the site it claims to be, and that when you connect to it, you are connecting only to it. Without this certificate, you could easily be fooled into entering your personal data onto a site that merely looks like the one you're expecting, leading to possibly disastrous results like identify theft

LuxSci wrote a very clever blog post with an 11-step analogy showing how an SSL certificate would work through the postal service. The goal is being able to build trustworthy communication between complete strangers; something the SSL certificate does very successfully.

Don't Have an SSL Certificate? We'll Help You Get One

When we design and develop websites for our clients, we make sure that the finished site enjoys SSL certification. Modern Media Geeks not only takes data security seriously, but we'll do everything in our power to make your site an SEO success.

Contact us to speak with one of our geeks about your website's security certifications!

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