Your Customers Are On Social Media—Are You?

By now, we've all heard the success stories about those brands and retail stores who used social media to become important thought leaders in their industry. For everyone from well-established brands to the start-ups of tomorrow, social media offers an important toolset to draw in customers and offer value in ways never before possible.

The first –and most important– reason why this is true is simple: Nearly all of your customers spend a great deal of their time on social media. Adweek claims that 35% of Americans check their smartphone more than 50 times per day—what are they checking? It's not their email, now that messaging apps (increasingly integrated with their respective social media platforms) offer the de facto means of telephone-communication.

So how do you get your business on social media in a way that attracts these people and turns them into loyal customers? The answer is surprisingly simple, but not always easy to put in practice.

Stand Out by Developing a Unique Brand

One of the main ways that social media helps businesses attract customers is by giving them a platform through which a unique brand voice can emerge. Before Facebook offered Pages to businesses, developing an effective public-facing brand required huge investments that only large companies could afford.

This isn't the case anymore. Now you can create a unique and powerful brand for your Kingsland, George business with nothing but a clever idea and a few hours' of work per week. Simply by understanding your customers and crafting a brand that caters to their needs while speaking their language, you can thrive where generic, non-descript competitors struggle.

At this point, you might be wondering where that clever idea is going to come from, or how you can understand your customers well enough to develop that brand identity. Here, social media again offers you everything you need—since your customers are already active, you need only to know who they are and what they are like. Once you have a sample set of your customer base, you can draw your own insights directly from them

What Platform is Best?

At Modern Media Geeks, we maintain that any business can turn into a powerful social media brand, no matter how unglamorous the reality of your business might be. The key here is to pick a platform that puts your best foot forward and draws the type of people who would be interested in the services or products you offer.

• Facebook is by far the largest social media platform, so being present is a must. However, its usefulness is heavily skewed towards B2C companies and retailers.

• Instagram and Snapchat are both highly visual platforms with a young, highly active userbase. Fashion and fun are the name of the game here, but social causes are also very popular.

• LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals. If your business mainly sells to other businesses, this is the one you'll want to focus on the most.

These are just a few of the largest social media platforms out there. There are hundreds in active use at any given moment, and we can help you put your brand on the map using the right ones.

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