Why Your Business Should Be Active on Facebook

Why Your Business Should Be Active on Facebook

You've probably heard this a hundred times by now: your business needs a Facebook Page. If you haven't made one yet, the process is simple, but obtaining results from Facebook takes work.

A great majority of local businesses actually have Facebook pages, but are largely inactive. People who search for the business by name will find it, but that's about it. This minimum level of activity is very common for businesses for small businesses that can't afford the luxury of hiring a social media marketer.

However, being active on Facebook is an investment that pays for itself —and much more— in time. We recommend it to businesses in nearly any industry—if your customers are on Facebook, you should be too. If they are active, daily users, you should be too.

Why is Facebook So Valuable?

Customers are 68% more likely to do business with a company that has an active Facebook Page, but that number skyrockets to 81% if page administrators answer questions posed by page followers.

Having the chance to take up that much more of your local market share is, in all but the most extraordinary situations, simply too good an opportunity to pass up. If you can bring more people to your Facebook page, you can bring more revenue to your business. As a platform, Facebook is simply so huge that you're automatically expected to be present.

Once your audience can find you on Facebook, it becomes the go-to resource for finding out what's new with your company. This makes it useful for announcing new products, discounts on existing stock, service combinations or special discounts. The ability to share content potentially turns every follower into a free advertising agent—this is the crux of Facebook's marketing power.

You might have heard that Facebook makes an unfathomable amount of money selling advertising space in its users' newsfeeds. This is true, and you might be able to increase your own profits by purchasing ad space, as well.

Should You Pay For Facebook Ads?

There are 50 million active small business Pages on Facebook as of 2016, according to BrandWatch.com, yet only 5% of them pay to be active advertisers. Many of these companies see profitable results from their advertisement expenditure—otherwise they wouldn't continue.

However, determining whether your company should pay for Facebook ads is something that requires in-depth consultation. If you compare apples and oranges when looking at successful campaigns, you might be in for a disappointment when your Facebook ad campaign in St. Marys, Georgia where we are located as an example, doesn't meet your expectations.

In this case, the best thing you can do is to speak with one of our Facebook experts at Modern Media Geeks. We have years of experience in developing and managing Facebook ad campaigns, and we can help you determine what kind of profit you can expect from a well-thought out campaign.

Talk to one of our professional Facebook marketers today to find out more: 904-717-0000.

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