Great Content Drives Sales by Educating and Informing Customers

If you ask marketing experts to point out the one biggest difference between the pre-Internet marketing landscape and today's, nine out of ten will say content. Content is such a vital tool for today's brands that an entire marketing discipline has been developed to accommodate it.

Content marketing is one of the most important ways modern brands establish themselves as an authority in their industries. The advertisements and slogans of yesteryear simply don't create the sense of value that valuable, well-written content can.

So how can you use this to your advantage? First off, you need a well-designed website and some kind of social media presence—although a good email list can work, too. Your content needs an audience, and that audience wants insightful, helpful information.

Good Content Takes Time

One of the main pitfalls businesses go through is trying to rush through a digital marketing campaign. Far too many businesses will open a Facebook page and simply start posting whatever seems popular, hoping to get on a viral bandwagon.

That is not effective digital marketing. To bring in new customers and spread awareness of your brand to people who are searching for your goods and services, you need to deliver quality content. That means blog articles, photographs, podcasts or videos that offer valuable information about a subject related to your field of business.

Even more importantly, this content needs to be local. It must pinpoint the needs of your customers in Camden County, Georgia (in our case) and the needs of your customers in your local market.

If you run a plumbing service, good content can include troubleshooting for popular appliances in your area, do's and don'ts for installing new appliances and moneysaving tips concerning water usage. If you run an athletic footwear brand, valuable content might include a video showing how certain shoe designs prevent foot injuries or improve performance.

In either case, making the content yourself (or hiring specialists for the job) is the only way to ensure that you're putting your best foot forward. It takes a while, but an audience will develop around good content and those people will become your ambassadors and clients.

If you're using social media to distribute that content, 71% of your followers are more likely to buy from you than from a competitor, according to Business 2 Community.

Content Creation: To Outsource or Not To Outsource

Depending on how "hands-on" you are with your St. Marys, Georgia business, you may want to develop content yourself. In highly secretive industries, this is sometimes the only option.

However, you can get excellent results by hiring content creators to generate content that fits your brand voice.

Content creators, whether hired as employees or through a content service, can often dedicate more time to creating engaging posts and material for your audience to consume. Some agencies retain experts in various industries specifically to be able to deliver useful content in fields that may not be easy to write for.

Find out more by asking our team at Modern Media Geeks for a content consultation regarding your brand. We'll look through your current material and find ways to improve it for you.

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