Why Mobile Performance Matters for Business Websites

Businesses have one goal – to provide a pleasant and fulfilling experience for each customer.

Sometimes this is less about changing up your inventory and more about making sure you can reach customers in the way they prefer. Mobile sites have exploded in popularity in recent years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing.

With a proper mobile site, you will ensure viewers can see your website clearly and contact you with ease, even when they reach out on their phone. Modern Media Geeks knows how to build mobile websites so customers don’t experience the frustration of trying to view a desktop site on a handheld device.

The Growth of Mobile Websites

There was a time when a mobile site was just an option for businesses, but now it is a necessity. Statista reports that nearly half of all online traffic in 2017 has come from mobile devices.

Mobile devices are more convenient for busy users, and they make it easier for people to find out the things they need in a timely manner. If they see an ad for your company, they’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to search it up on their mobile device and find out more.

Mobile sites can also be integrated with call buttons, making it easy for interested users to contact an organization directly on the same device they use to view the company’s website.

Why Desktop Designs Sometimes Fail

Desktop websites were once the standard, but they’re quickly taking a backseat to mobile alternatives. While it is possible to view a desktop site on a mobile device, this can sometimes lead to frustrations for the user.

When a person views a desktop site on a mobile device, the device attempts to display it just like a monitor would. This means users may have to zoom in to find the information they want and scroll constantly just to navigate.

This can lead to a person struggling to find what they’re looking for and even clicking things unintentionally. When a person is frustrated with a website, they will usually click away in an instant. Without a mobile site, organizations may lose out on a lot of potential business.

Calling on Professionals for Mobile Websites

Making a website is a complex process, and sometimes the idea of adapting a site for mobile devices can be overwhelming without help. Modern Media Geeks can help users get a mobile site designed for quick and seamless use.

With no need to zoom or scroll around to find what they’re looking for, users will be more pleased with their experience. They’ll be able to find out about your business on their mobile device and get information on the goods and services they want.

From the image and media types used to the shopping cart, everything will show up properly on a mobile device so the site can provide you its full benefits. The mobile site will make it easy for people to look up your business and call in with the push of a button.

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