What is Local Search and Why Does It Matter?

Let's say you're craving a fresh pizza, but your favorite pizza restaurant is closed and none of your friends have a recommendation for delivery. What do you do? Chances are you're going to fire up a web browser on your smartphone, type the word "Pizza" into Google and choose one of the three top listings it provides.

If one of those listings is paired with a dot on a map and a small window that shows you the restaurant's phone number and hours of operation, you're overwhelmingly likely to choose that one over its competitors. In fact, when asked by BrightLocal, consumers have mentioned that these bits of information are some of the most important ones they're looking for.

Leaving pizza aside for a moment, is there a way to use this to the advantage of your local business in Kingsland, Georgia? Or your local city? Absolutely.

Local Search Gives Users What They Want

It's safe to assume that only a small fraction of "pizza" searchers were looking for Wikipedia's list of pizza varieties, organized by country of origin. Certainly, almost none were interested in a restaurant menu from halfway across the country. People want local results they can interact with now.

This is true of any business—from medical clinics to beauty salons, sports clubs, plumbers and attorneys. Every consumer-facing business can benefit from local business submission to search engines.

Even B2B companies can use this to their advantage, since the business partners they want to connect with are looking for the most convenient and advantageous solution to the problem they're trying to solve. What can be more convenient and advantageous than having the closest, fastest solution to your problem a single click away?

How To Put Yourself On The Map

The benefits of being present on local search listings are evident, but how do you get there? One option is to attempt submitting to business listing directories yourself, but our experience shows that you might be disappointed with the results.

Since more and more businesses are learning how important local search is, business directories are being flooded with information too quickly for them to verify and respond to everything. It's very likely that you'll never reap the fruit of your hard work.

This is where a company like ours comes into play. Our team at Modern Media Geeks is made up of experts at business listing submission for local search. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to produce results like we have for so many of our clients in Camden County, Ga and all over the United States. In fact, we even have 5 clients in Canada!

Call on us to make your business known throughout your community and watch interest in your activities grow on a daily basis!

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