Social Media

Just as social media changed the way people interact, is has also changed the way businesses approach marketing. It has become vital for companies and organizations to have active Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter presences. 


68% of consumers are more like to do business with a company that has an active Facebook page and that number jumps to 83% for companies that interact directly with their customers (answering questions, responding to comments, retweeting, etc.) in their online presence.  Our company is an accredited Google agency and certified Facebook, Apple and Google Play developer. 


As developers, we are constantly refreshing our own knowledge of what the best practices are so that when we post on behalf of our clients we can provide a lucrative social media presence.  From building backlinks to your company’s website to utilizing hashtags that are following current trends in order to get more traffic to your page, we follow proven recipes to maximize the algorithms laid out by social media sites like Facebook. 


The difference between personal and business social media presence and management vast which is why our company has invested time and resources into learning how to grow your client base with and maximize your marketing to them. We will handle your Facebook and other social media posts to ensure that you aren’t flooding your clients with unwanted information but instead providing them information they want to see and will use to invest in your product.

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